How to play 6 card Catte simply for newbies

How to play 6 card Catte is probably no longer too strange to many veteran players in the gambling world. But for the rookies, this is quite new. And if you want to know more about how to play as well as effective playing tips, don’t miss the article that 90JILI Casino will bring today.

Introduction to the 6 card catte

Introduction to the 6 card catte

The 6 card Catte card game is a famous tactical card game that is not inferior to other games in terms of attractiveness and drama. This is also one of the ways to play a deck of 52 cards that many gamers love. Although the way to play is not easy, it requires players to always have enough experience as well as understand how to play the 6 card Catte card game.

Currently, this 6 card Catte game has been favored by many different large and small bookmakers, integrated into their game store. Creating maximum benefits for players to access this subject. The online form of play is not only convenient, but the vividness of the images is not inferior to standing directly at the casino. If you have the opportunity, try this 6 card Catte game right away.

Rules of playing 6 card Catte

The rules of this game are not difficult, requiring at least 2 players or more. Players will be dealt 6 cards and the order of playing the cards will be clockwise. Cards that are not dealt will not be used in the game.

As for how to play it, when a representative deals the cards, they will also be the first to play, each player will have to use a card of higher value and the same suit to suppress the opponent’s cards. One important thing to note is that at the end of each round, a different suit card will be played. If the last person can block the card, the other players must fold their cards, whoever folds all 4 cards is called a loser and loses, 2 cards will be used to display the cards.

How to play 6 card Catte online

How to play 6 card Catte online

If it has become popular with the online form, then why don’t you hesitate to try playing right away, and to play this 6-card catte card game online, you need to perform the following operations, watch carefully to know how to play 6 card Catte online right away.

Step 1: Search and access the official link of the house that you love and trust.

Step 2: Click on the “Register” section, proceed to fill in the required information from the Form.

Step 3: Go to the Email inbox to receive the account code, enter it to verify the account.

Step 4: Return to the house interface, make a deposit payment, select the card game section, select 6-card Catte, and play.

Best 6 card catte playing strategy for newbies

Best 6 card catte playing strategy for newbies

Once you have mastered how to play 6-card Catte, the following content is something you should not miss. These are the playing tips passed down by many experts and masters in Catte. If you feel it is necessary, you can immediately take out a pen and paper to record the rare secrets that the veterans do not want to pass on.

Playing small cards

The strategy of playing small cards is considered relatively basic, it will help the card to be higher. The important thing is that keeping high cards in the 3rd and 4th turns is very necessary, it can prevent being broken by others. Above all, keeping high cards at the end will be an advantage when showing cards, making it difficult for the opponent to suppress the shown cards because of the nature of Catte must be of the same suit.

Observing the cards

Observing the cards that are played is very important, especially the suit of the cards played. If the person who is showing the cards has played many cards of the same suit, you can completely remove them from the card prediction. And if necessary, in the last turns, you can turn down the cards of the same suit as the person who showed the cards, then they will surely have run out of that suit.


How to play 6 card Catte does not only depend on luck, but also on a high level of skill and experience. Hopefully, the above 2 tips have helped you to know how to overwhelm your opponents and gain an advantage when playing Catte.

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